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Kingwood Tree Service provides many tree care functions that offer your trees a longer life or get then removed if that is your desire. Tree care is important to helping them live a longer life and will also help your trees fight against diseases and infection. Maintaining professional tree service crew for over 40 years, Kingwood Tree Service can trim, prune, cut, shape, thin, or remove any tree unwanted fast and correctly with safety being first. We present free estimates will any tree cutting and tree care service needed in Kingwood, Humble, Houston, Porter and Spring, TX. Call today for your friendly knowledgeable tree company with affordable prices and quality workmanship.

Tree Fertilizing will help growth and it involves a deep root feeding process that helps nourish your tree for up to 6 months.

Tree Trimming is the process of cleaning out inside growth or removing dead limbs. Also, many people choose to trim their trees to prevent future damage from low or dangerous limbs over their cars or home. New building construction requires trees to be trimmed or pruned. Pruning is mostly done to fruit trees, bushes or small plant like shrubs.

Tree Spraying helps against diseases and bug infestation. Bugs will attack a weak tree more often then a tree that is healthy. If you have a tree that looks sick or dying then call immediately so treatment can be applied, or evaluated and saved.

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